Monday, January 10, 2011

XPWMShield V1.0

After a long wait (it says 2010 on the board because it was sent out last year!) XPWMShield has arrived from AdvancedCircuits. And with a bag of microwave popcorn in the packaging? Awesome company.

XPWMShield V1.0

This revision of the board lived a short life. I only got it yesterday, soldered on all the components today, and just broke it five minutes ago. Before that though here's V1.0 in all its glory, running off a 1300mAh, 7.4V, 2-cell, LiPo battery I got off HobbyKing:

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She lives.

Need a better camera.

Just as I was going to test the wireless, one of the leads from the battery touched the bottom of the board, contacted a pin/via and blew up a trace coming out of the voltage regulator. Great. But at least the $34 Arduino Nano and $24 XBee are alright.

As it turns out the diode I put in between the XBee DOUT and Arduino RX was disabling radio communication. I put it there so that the software could be updated wirelessly without having to remove the XBee. So, I removed the diode and soldered a wire in its place -the same for the busted trace.

Ghetto wiring aside I can't complain, it works really well. With some minor revisions it's time to order more for future projects!

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