Saturday, January 1, 2011

TOBL: Quick Software Update

There was an issue controlling both servos at once. With one fader value being sent over to the Arduino one servo would work fine. With both, that same servo would tweak out. After isolating the error to the Processing side, it turns out the float defining the fader values was preventing the second fader from registering. With that cleared up the code finally works as intended*!

* The interface needs some work to be more user friendly. For example, a deadband at the neutral position so you don't have to land the fader on the exact pixel that corresponds to STOP. Also, there's a point - about halfway through the range - where there's no noticeable change in speed. Playing with the fader ranges in the touchOSC editor should fix that. My only other complaint is a little lag in feedback due to the speed of wifi. On the other hand, it can be controlled from anywhere in range of the network aka college campus, so we'll let that slide.

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