Sunday, January 23, 2011

TOBL: Teaser

What happened to TOBL?? Well it's alive, better than alive. In an effort to actually finish the thing before returning to school I focused more on the building and less on the documenting. It was close but I had to take it back with me to school:

What's up TSA?

I used 1-1/2" Dubro tail wheels for the drivetrain, mainly because they have ridiculous grip and aluminum hubs. To my surprise, the smallest outer diameter of the hubs was ~0.401". To support the steel standoffs I bored them out to 3/8", so that's like 0.013" wall thickness or less at the very center. We're good though, the two halves didn't torque themselves apart on the lathe. The hub diameter just barely supported the gear-mounting holes as well, but they don't post these dimensions online so not my fault.

This just looks goofy.

Small snack for the mill.

After making those aluminum plates I thought lasering some out of acrylic would be cooler. It was good milling experience still, I guess? It took a few tries to adjust from the gears' theoretical to actual pitch diameter -in the end an extra 0.02" radius. The servo-gears are also not properly supported i.e.they are cantilevered off of the spline gear. So they wobble, just a little. Enough though that the servos stalled and stripped some teeth internally. This was actually a good wakeup call because the stronger HS-82MG motor wasn't designed with the HS-81 plastic gears in mind. New gears are on the way, enough to bring two HS-81s to life.

Not even including the set that actually made it to production.

Look for test footage next post! (waiting on parts in the meantime :/)

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  1. I don't think the hole spacing is your fault - that laser definitely cuts things at 95% scale sometimes...