Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blog Web Address Change: You Can't Ride a Fountain

I've changed the URL of my blog from lmh-tech.blogspot.com to ycraf.blogspot.com. When I started the blog a couple years ago I had a few naming ideas that didn't work out, but I wanted to start blogging so I just used "my initials - tech" as a placeholder until something more meaningful came along.

A little bit of history: Shane got me into Team 97 out of Cambridge, MA. We went to Nationals in Atlanta that year but when the competition was over we couldn't stop thinking of other things to build. At this point, the Edgerton Center Summer Engineering Workshop (I think that's the official title) was born. Our first project being this home-brewed segway.

In the process of selecting a project, Ed of the Edgerton Center had some ideas of his own. One which he was particularly adamant about was a fountain like one we saw in Atlanta. He wanted to equip it with sensors so you could run through and either not get wet at all, or get completely drenched. My response to which was "you can't ride a fountain." This went from an inside joke among the ECSEW team and developed into a personal philosophy. I see little point in creating things that don't move (sorry ardWINDo and gMeter) and you'll notice that DIY Segway, CapKart, BWD Scooter, and TinyKart are all things you can ride.

And so, about two years late, I give you: You Can't Ride a Fountain, a blog dedicated to building things that can be ridden and/or move.

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