Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Space Invaders and Motor Controllers

The first order of business to address in buildapalooza is TOBL2's motor controller -that way the new chassis can be built while the board and parts are being shipped! This is the first motor controller I've designed and it's based off of the L298 Dual H-Bridge, PowerSO 20 package. Essentially it's an Arduino shield...shield, because it will stack onto XPWMShield. Here's the schematic:

Actually this is the schematic, but it does kinda look like the Space Invaders alien:

It will drive TOBL2's two new FingerTech motors at 6V, which promise not to ask for any more than 2.6A combined if both motors stall. The L298 is rated to handle up to 4A, but to be safe the current sensing pins will be in effect and there will be more status LEDs than one could ever need. Oh, and automated belt tensioning/detensioning....yeah I really don't want any more slipping or breaking (which were all part of TOBL1's charm). More details on the controller once I have a physical controller in my hand to test. Just a little amuse-bouche before the feast of blogposts and building commence.

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