Monday, July 12, 2010

ardWINDo: Testing Arduino

I finally got a chance to mess around with the Arduino and test some sample code. Results:

Success. There wasn't much to be done but it's best to start from the very beginning. I will work on the actual coding soon but more critical at them moment is the mechanical end of things (SolidWorks license expires in 10 days!). As shown in the video above, the watch will be housed in an aluminum servo those used in servo tilt-pans. It was $13 for two plus bearings and hardware, but that's a bargain when considering the time and money to make your own (as nicely).

The pursuit of simplicity has also inspired me to design a more elegant stand. The final product is going to be transparent, probably acrylic or polycarbonate. Fortunately I have a friend with a laser who can supposedly cut up to 1/4". Maybe I'm cheating a little on the pricing through this connection, but it's nothing that couldn't have been done with a drill and a dremel. Should look something like this:

Much Better. And the brick is a dummy Arduino-sized block.
Cost Update: $59.85

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